Street Survival 2017


Nearly 50% of teen driver fatality accidents involve a single vehicle

Street Survival Oct. 14th

Street Survival Oct. 14th

On Saturday, October 14th, 8:00AM-5:00PM Tidewater Chapter will be conducting a Street Survival School for teenagers at the NCCAR track in Garysburg, NC. 

 A BMW car is not required.  In fact, students will be using their every day driver car so that they can learn the way their car responds.

At the one-day BMW/Tire Rack Street Survival school, students will gain valuable skills to improve their driving techniques. they won’t just sit in a classroom listening to a boring lecture; they will be behind the wheel, driving through real-world exercises.


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See the FAQ page  at the Street Survival website for rules regarding age requirements and vehicle type restrictions (SUV and high center of gravity vehicles).

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