Street Survival Letter to All Members

August 20, 2017

Fellow Club members,

 Why do we have a club? 

  • Yes, we all like BMW’s.
  • Yes, we enjoy the friendship of like-minded people. 
  • Yes, we enjoy the occasional opportunity to drive our cars the way the cars were designed to run. 

There are many other reasons, but one often overlooked reason is “Community Outreach” which might sound a little vague. However; for a car club, it’s often about car safety and driver education.

As I’m sure many of you know, a few months ago a young Chesapeake high school student, Kaitlyn Duffy, was tragically killed, and her friend, Sabrina Mundrof, were seriously injured in a car accident.   We can’t be sure if anything or anyone could have done anything to change how this tragedy played out, but it did get several of us thinking about how we as a car club might be able to help.

 So, along with the First Settlers Porsche Club and the Tarheel BMW chapter, we have decided to do our small part to help through sponsoring and running a Street Survival clinic for young drivers on October 14, 2017 at NCCAR in Garysburg, NC. It has been several years since we last sponsored one of these driving clinics.

This is an outstanding program sponsored nationally by Tire Rack and BMW Car Club of America, which is aimed at teenagers, teaching them better car control with their own vehicle in a controlled environment.

  What is it we will be doing at NCCAR you might ask?

We will be starting off the morning with tech inspections to  teach how to check the simple things that keep a car in good working order. Students will be taught about car physics, how to properly sit in the driver’s seat, and then become oriented on the practical exercises set up for them.

Then, under direct supervision of a driving instructor in the student’s car, they’ll go through a series of driving exercises to learn how to safely respond to real world situations, like rapid braking or turning to avoid a problem, controlling a skid, and what it feels like when the ABS (Automatic Braking System) is engaged, as well as an air bag deploying demonstration. 

What can you do?
            To put on this event, we need your help by volunteering to assist either in preparing for the event or at the event . Please feel free to contact James Loriol, our activities committee chair, or any board member about the event or volunteer positions (listed below); if you choose to help at the event, please sign up on our MotorSportReg volunteer site:          

Volunteer Positions available:
Driving Coach: Driving coach is in the car with a student providing on-site guidance. To be a coach, you must have successfully completed the on line training

 Course Worker: A course worker is someone who is available through out the day to assist with the smooth and continuous running of the event; they perform tasks needed to meet that goal.

 Cone Shagger: A cone shagger retrieves and replaces cones on the course in the event a student hits one

 Grid Controller: (only need 1-2 people): A Grid Controller ensures the safe, courteous and continual line up of vehicles (with student and coach) for each phase of the event

If you wish to enroll your teenager (ages 15-21, with permit or license) please sign up through this site:                 

 Thank you for you attention and consideration,
Darin Kwasniewski
President, BMW CCA, Tidewater Chapter            

James Loriol
Activities Committee Chair, Tidewater Chapter