Officer Descriptions


  • Presides over all meetings, prepares the agenda, and directs the discussion
  • Acts as an ex-officio member of all standing committees and temporary committees except the nominating committee.
  • Executes all documents and correspondence in the name of the Chapter as authorized by the membership or the Chapter Board.
  • Signs or co-signs Chapter checks.
  • Responsible to ensure that all required reports be submitted to the National Office within the required timeframes.
  • Maintains the Chapters copy of the BMW CCA Operations Manual.
  • Responsible to ensure that corporation reports are filed on time.


  • Acts in the place of the President during his or her absence, or when so required by the President.
  • Assists the President and/or the Chapter Board in any manner that they may direct.


  • Records and preserves the minutes of Chapter business and Board meetings; presents and reads such minutes at the request of the President.
  • Prepares necessary correspondence for the Chapter when Required.


  • Keeps and preserves the records and books of accounts reflecting the financial condition and operation of the Chapter any corporate documents that obligate the Chapter financially.
  • Prepares the annual financial report for submission to the National Office.
  • Prepares the report of financial condition to be provided to the Chapter membership each year.
  • Ensure required fees and taxes are paid on time.


  • Primary responsibility is for planning, organizing, and supervising the staging of Chapter events and activities.
  • Appoints members or recruits volunteers to take care of portions of each event

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    . Keeps records of these events and how well they succeed.

  • Responsible for financially structuring the entry fees for events in such a way that the Chapter costs (including insurance and any plaques or trophies) are covered with a small profit. (Growth of the Chapter rather than profit is the goal.)
  • All costs for an activity must be included in computing the final entry fees. These include insurance, postage, telephone calls, publicity, supplies and any rental of equipment.
  • Arranges to receive merchandise, trophies or awards as donations from local merchants or car shops, the cost of the event should still be structured as though they were paid for. This will provide continuity from one event to another as well as reward the Chapter financially for their efforts.


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