Club Toolbox








The following tools are available for members’ use. A deposit is required and will be refunded upon return of the tool in working condition. To get access to the tools contact .

• Peake R5/FCX-II (version 2) reset tool for all models, can be connected under the hood or under the dash
• Service Light resetting tools for both the old and new systems
• Tie Rod Separator – Pickle Forks
• SRS Air Bag Scanner
• Remote Starter Switch [great when adjusting valves] • Clutch Alignment Tool
• Pilot Bearing Puller
• Fan Wrench & Bar for replacing the coolant fan clutch
• Electric Impact Wrench
• Lockstrip Tool for replacing windshield lock trim
• 17mm Trans. Drain Socket
• Brake Bleed System
• Coil Spring Compressors [new high quality set bought in 2001]

Calling all Track Junkies!

Just Arrived! The club has purchased the latest up-to-date helmets for use by our members in track events

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. One each in sizes Medium and Xtra Large and two in size Large.

GF3 SA15 Helmet from OG Racing

GF3 SA15 Helmet from OG Racing