Club Toolbox








The following tools are available for members’ use. A deposit is required and will be refunded upon return of the tool in working condition. To get access to the tools contact .

• Peake R5/FCX-II (version 2) reset tool for all models, can be connected under the hood or under the dash
• Service Light resetting tools for both the old and new systems
• Tie Rod Separator – Pickle Forks
• SRS Air Bag Scanner
• Remote Starter Switch [great when adjusting valves] • Clutch Alignment Tool
• Pilot Bearing Puller
• Fan Wrench & Bar for replacing the coolant fan clutch
• Electric Impact Wrench
• Lockstrip Tool for replacing windshield lock trim
• 17mm Trans. Drain Socket
• Brake Bleed System
• Coil Spring Compressors [new high quality set bought in 2001]

Calling all Track Junkies!

Just Arrived! The club has purchased the latest up-to-date helmets for use by our members in track events. One each in sizes Medium and Xtra Large and two in size Large.

GF3 SA15 Helmet from OG Racing

GF3 SA15 Helmet from OG Racing