Chapter By-Laws

From the Board of Directors:

To Members of Tidewater Chapter BMW Car Club of America

 We are, and have been for 46 years,  operating under ByLaws that were enacted in 1972.

Although we are a social club existing for the enjoyment of our BMWs, it is important to have a current governing document to guide our process.


Below are links to the original ByLaws as well as a revised proposal of ByLaws to bring us up to date,(into the 21st century;one such reason for the necessity of the revision is we did not have a website in 1972!) (PDF Files)


The Board is soliciting your review and comments, changes, additions or deletions to the proposed document. Please send all by March 1st 2018  via email to


The Board will consider your input and produce a final draft for approval at a  Special Meeting to be scheduled.



Original 1972 By-Laws         Proposed By-Laws (2018)