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Tidewater BMW Club members, greetings from your President and Activity Chair.

We have had a fantastic year of events starting with our annual banquet and just recently our annual BMW-Porsche Club BBQ. And, a big Thank You to each of the volunteers who helped put these together.  Our Tidewater BMW Club is an active and vibrant group…and we want to keep it that way to best enjoy our cars and fellowship with each other.  The board really needs a little bit of help from each of you to keep our events coming. Seriously, the board asks each of you to please pause just a bit and keep reading…then act if you are at all able.

While it may not be something we think much about, please remember that as a “club” your BMW CCA is only successful with folks volunteering.  The board members are volunteers who work very hard for the members in keeping the club organized and event planning organized. While all board members are working hard on websites, media postings, newsletter publishing, financial/ other management, and oversight of activity planning…we need other club members to raise their hands to help organize and run the events.

Leading an event may sound daunting, but each of the events has typically been run a number of times and, with strong support from other members to help organize the smaller parts (like taking care of selecting a restaurant/ making a reservation), and with board support (because we’ve been a part of and often have led each of the events), the effort is routinely very manageable (often just several hours for a drive, for example).  KEEP READING…YOUR PRIZE IS COMING.

Below is a list of our remaining activities for 2019 (plus the Jan ’20 banquet). We ask you to raise your hand and lead an event.  If you absolutely cannot lead an event (or cannot attend it based on dates), then volunteer to pitch in to help plan it.  Remember, there are no paid staff…but most activities are straightforward to do…so let us know what you can do to help.

A promise from the board: just because you help once does not mean you will have to lead/ help again routinely.  While it would be nice if you are able to help advise the next lead, the club will look for new folks to lead the next year’s activities. And, for almost all events, there are records of the past year or two, so it’s more about tweaking than creating from scratch.

Activity Date(s) Comments
May: OBX Drive 5/19 (Sun) On track. Lead: Linda & Bill from the OBX are hosting. Will be a great event
July: Independence Day Drive 7/6 (Sat) Need lead, plus one other (route + restaurant)
Aug: BMW M School 8/22: caravan 8/23: fact tour. 8/24 (Sat): school Need lead, plus two others. BMW coordination done; hotel done. Need help finalizing overall event timeline/ dinner reservations Fri.
Sept: TRSS (Teen Driving School) 9/15 Need lead, plus four others. Most key event reservations done. Overall lead, plus coordinators for Sign In/ Vehicle inspection/ Course Ops/ Classroom Ops
Oct: Head of the Dragon 8/11Fri: caravan. 8/12 & 13: drive Need lead, plus four others. Hotel & routes largely done. Overall lead, plus coordinators for Route, Food, Other Logistics.
Oct: Annual Great Pumpkin Run TBD Not started. Lead: verify w Steve Waddell
Nov: Fall Foliage Drive TBD Need lead.
Dec: Wine Tasting (Tentative) Very early in month Need lead, for this potential new event
Jan: Annual Club Banquet TBD Need Lead, plus three others. Very straightforward and fun.

To take a lead or helper role, or to ask questions about what it takes to do so, please contact Tim Iseminger (; 757-373-1030).



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